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Telephone counseling and video counseling are now available.  

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Call us at 1-(888)-760-0445 to schedule an appointment.


 Individual Counseling

  • One on one counseling is individualized Christ-centered counseling that is tailored to the unique needs of each client.  Crises are dealt with first as the Christian Counselor offers immediate help.  Deep seeded issues may be explored and treated as counseling progresses over time.  When necessary, a Christ-centered inner-healing model of therapy will be utilized for expedient healing. 

Marriage Counseling

  • Marital problems are not unusual.  In Christian marriage counseling divergent problems are discussed.  An emphasis is often placed on improving poor communications identifying as well as meeting unmet intimacy needs.  The couple may be seen separately if deeper issues have been identified. 

  Family Counseling

  • The family is a microcosm of the church.  Sometimes it is necessary to follow a systems model of counseling.  The system is the ongoing dynamic interaction in the family.  Each member of the family is an integrated part of the family system.  If one part is experiencing conflict the family system will eventually experience conflict.  It is a cause and effect dynamic.  Sometimes the cause may be the individual family member while at other times the individual is affected by the dysfunctional family dynamics.  By bringing the family together in counseling, each member is given an opportunity to be part of the solution, which will have an effect on improving attachments. 

Substance Abuse Counseling

  • Drug and alcohol problems can come in many forms to a divergent spectrum of the population.  At New Horizons Institute of Counseling we offer a Christian/Spiritual solution to the problem.  With the loving and compassionate help of the Christian counselors total healing of substance related issues is the expected outcome.  When utilizing individual, marriage, family, and group counseling that is Christ-centered clients walk away feeling enriched and whole from their healing experience.

Severe Disorders

  • A Faith- Based multiaxial assessment approach is initiated with each new client to help determine the severity of needs.  The use of the multiaxial system facilitates comprehensive and systematic assessment. It directs attention to the various mental disorders, general medical conditions, psychosocial and environmental problems.  Through this approach, the level of functioning is determined for each client.  Otherwise, many types of problems that could be contributing to the crisis at hand may not be addressed.   Overlooking one or more of these multiple problems could lead to repetitive relapses.

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)

  • Dr. Samaan has been certified in CISM interventions.  Pastoral crisis intervention represents the functional integration of psychological crisis intervention with pastoral care.  Unusual, upsetting events may occur in the home, church, workplace, school, or institution.  These crisis events – shootings, accidents, deaths, etc., - are usually followed by a crisis response to the event.  These crisis events disrupt the sense of balance in people’s lives which leads to a failure of one’s usual coping mechanisms.  A critical incident is what precedes a crisis response.  Crisis intervention is the acute psychological and spiritual first-aid to progressively achieve 1) stabilization of symptoms of distress, 2) lessening or alleviating the severity of symptoms, 3) healthy coping while facilitating follow-up support.  “…pastoral crisis intervention is the functional integration of any and all religious, spiritual and pastoral resources with the assessment and intervention technologies germane to the practice of emergency mental health,” (Everly, 1999).

Corporate Chaplaincy

  • Organized corporate chaplaincy in the United States dates back to the 1940’s.  Liability concerns on the part of business owners ushered in the era of more highly trained professional chaplains serving as independent contractors.  Professional corporate chaplains are committed to reducing employee stress, helping employees deal with personal and family emotional issues, easing potential violence and conflict in the workplace.  All of this is with the focus of maintaining cooperation between the employee and employers.  Corporate chaplains help managers deal with personal situations that employees bring to the work place.  Employees are also helped in dealing with management job issues without disrupting the work place.  A recent Gallop Poll (2000) revealed that 66 percent of those surveyed indicated that when they needed a mental health professional, they would prefer seeing one with spiritual values and beliefs.  Having their own values and beliefs integrated into their counseling process was important to 80 percent of the respondents. 


  • Support and Therapy Groups are a fundamental service made available to qualified clients.  If you are interested in participating in a group contact the office to be placed on an availability list for future openings.


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